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Holistic Wellness 101: How to be healthy in all areas of life

Just what in the Heck am I doing here?! Well… that’s exactly what I have been trying to figure out. What is my purpose? Do I have anything to offer the world? It took me some time, but I think I’ve finally got it figured out. And here is what I came up with. I …


Eating Vegetarian: A 30 Day Challenge For Becoming A Better Me!

I’ve been wanting to do a challenge like this for a long time, but I always find myself buying tons of veggies (that I end up throwing away at the end of the week) and ordering out choosing meat filled, oil filled, not so healthy alternatives. It typically ends up being a worse week than normal for me. Anyone else relate? Here are a couple of ways I planned ahead to avoid the reoccurring pattern I’ve been on.