The spring Equinox is a great metaphor for our spiritual energy. Celebrating the Equinox is a great way to develop spiritual connection to the earth. It is part of the natural cycle of the seasons. It’s when there is more daylight during the day and the earth starts to bloom. Starting on the 20th of March this year (2021) there will be about 12 hours of sun light and 12 hours of darkness.

What does this have to do with our “spiritual energy”?

Spring is the time in which nature begins to flourish. It’s the beginning of the astronomical year. Plants begin to grow, flowers bloom, trees get their leaves again. Animals are running around, the birds begin to chirp, you can smell a difference in the air. The earth warms and there is more brightness.

Becoming more in tune with nature and our senses helps to develop a feeling of spiritual connection to the earth. This is a great time to take a look at what this energy means and the metaphor of starting new.

The winter is a time for reflection; for cleansing. It’s a time to take note of all that you have gained in the past year and what you would like to let go of for the future.

Spring is a time to be born again.

The spring equinox is a time of balance in which light and darkness meet. This is the perfect time for a final cleanse of your energy and home. Subconsciously, we know this intuitively. That’s why we have a spring cleaning and not a winter cleaning.

It’s time to determine what seeds needed planted for your future path

Everyone’s journey through this world is different. I could create a blog post on “what you need to do to improve your life”.

But the truth is, no one blog post will give that to anyone. We are so uniquely different, just as we should be.

Therefore, deciding what would makes one feel whole is really individual work.

The spring equinox is a great time to journal about what you really want in life (or even in the next 1, 3, or 12 months). It’s a time to evaluate what actually is important to you, and what you are spending your energy on right now that is not of import.

Some people may write out a list of things they want (better relationships, understanding their mind better, making a move they always wanted for their career). Other people like to meditate about it. Maybe go for a run while they think about it or ponder over a nice hot bath. You could even create a vision board.

A ritual cleansing

A great way to develop spiritual connection to the earth is to do a spring cleansing. That could be literally cleaning out the house and bringing nature in. Or it could be working on yourself and mental health. Perhaps going outside and focusing on your senses.

Since the day and night share equal amounts of hours during the spring equinox it is a great time to do a final cleansing of the old. There are many ways to celebrate this.

Tons of people do spring cleaning.

Another way is to wander through your home with some sage as you release what is no longer serving you.

You could write down a list of negative core beliefs about yourself that you wish to work on letting go, or perhaps a list of behaviors you no longer want to spend energy on, and then burn the list.

This could be as simple as a digital detox.

It doesn’t matter. You may not buy into the law of attraction or sage or any of that. That’s okay. I’m sure there is SOMETHING that you no longer want to focus your energy or thoughts on or a decluttering of physical or digital (or even mental) state.

Okay, but what does this have to do with a spiritual connection to the earth?

I feel like if I am in the right mind frame, I could literally write a book on it. There’s so much to say that it could get over whelming and sound like i’m just spewing thoughts that don’t connect.

I’ll try my best.

As a society we’ve learned to numb our feelings

As humans we are social connected creatures. We thrive with human connection. Yet, somehow, many of us have grown to believe that emotions are weakness. Or haven’t been taught how to cope with our emotions in general. Many of us have been so hurt by others that we learn it is better or easier to numb ourselves.

We do this in lots of ways. Overworking ourselves, creating projects to work on to avoid our pain or connecting with others. Drugs, alcohol, or other addictive behaviors like sex or gambling.

We have learned to disconnect from our body

Part of learning to numb our emotions requires us to disassociate from our body. Our mind and body are seriously connected, so to numb one is to numb the other.

Not only that, but in general we are taught to ignore our bodies. Being from such a productivity focused culture, it’s more important to get stuff down than it is to remember to have 3 meals a day or stretch our body. Sometimes we don’t even have the time to relieve ourselves. As a whole we are taught to ignore it’s cues, and add the emotional disassociation we learn on top of it, we learn to completely numb ourselves and our needs.

Humans have attempted to master the earth rather than honoring a spiritual connect to the earth

As we disconnect from our bodies, we learn to disconnect from the earth. We don’t take as much time to enjoy the beauty of nature. We don’t use our senses to smell the flowers or watch the trees flow in the breeze. Instead of eating foods from the earth that nourishes our bodies, we buy fast food or easy to make meals and start to forget how much nourishment and beauty we get from the earth.

We start knocking down trees and use the very earth that supports us for our own gain.

How it’s all connected

This leads to a very lonely existence. By developing a spiritual connecting to the earth, we also learn to connect to our body, which helps us to reconnect to our emotions.

Sound too easy? Or perhaps cheesey?

That’s okay. Bare with me a moment.

One of the ways to stop dissociating (and interestingly enough if you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed, rather than underwhelmed, this helps as well) is to start engaging with your senses. And being outside helps us to engage all of our senses, reconnect us to our emotional well being, and helping us to feel connected to something bigger, the earth which always has our backs.

Go for a walk (or even just sit in the grass) and notices what you see, what you feel (you could notice the temperature of the things you touch, such as how cold the ground is, the feeling of warmth on your face from the sun. You could also notice the texture if different things such as the texture of bark on a tree vs the grass on the ground, vs the dirt in your hand). Notice the different sounds you hear from the birds, wind, or other animals you may hear. Take in the smells from the plants or the air.

How to celebrate the spring equinox and develop a spiritual connection to the earth

There are other ways to connect to nature or to bring it to your home. Here is a list of several ways you can celebrate the spring equinox this year.

After identifying what you would like to spend your energy on, and what you would like to let go of, try out some of these ways to celebrate the spring equinox!

Connect With Nature

A good way to celebrate the spring equinox is to get out in nature!

It’s a lot easier to connect with nature when things are green. It feels so close and so far away at the same time.

I saw a bee yesterday and literally got excited because bees = spring!

Regardless, you can still find beauty while you’re waiting. I’m lucky enough to have this view a minutes walk from my house. Man if I lived at this person’s house I’d be sitting in my yard every sunset taking in this view. I suppose a quick walk by is good enough

Get Some Flowers!

If you can't go to nature, bring nature to you! Buy some flowers or a new plant!

I wish I could pick some flowers, but, alas, they aren’t here yet! I picked up some flowers from Trader Joes to bring a bit of nature to me!

Begin Something New

That thing you journaled or meditated over (or whatever) earlier? Time to get started!

Something I’m working on this year is learning to connect to my body more and become more in tune with my emotions.

This could be a time to buy a book, start journaling, declutter your home. Whatever your goal is, get started.

Clean up and decorate for spring

There’s nothing like getting a fresh start for the season by putting away all the winter things and bringing out all the spring decor and clothes.

Plant something

This is definitely not a lot, but i’m still learning how to grow things. This year I’m planting green onions and lettuce. I’m also trying to keep my house plants alive.


Yoga is a great way to connect to your body as well as being grateful for the ground, which always supports us.

Yoga is a great way to connect to your body. It helps you to learn how to move in ways that your body needs.

Seasonal Meal

Take a few hours to celebrate the earth’s ability to provide the nutrients we need to survive.


Start a fire and enjoy the evening outside! This is a great way to reconnect with nature.

I’d love to hear the ways in which all of you celebrate the spring equinox and develop a spiritual connection to the earth.

If your interested in learning more about resets, check out my weekly reset post here!

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