If you struggle with your new years resolution or following through with your goals, this is the perfect blog post for you! Included is 31 days of prompts to help prepare you for success in the upcoming year.

Disclaimer: Authors opinions are their own and are not meant to be professional advice. Please consult a doctor or counselor/ therapist if you are trying to break a habit such as substance abuse or behavioral addiction, or anything else that may require professional help. This is not meant to be used in place of counseling or as advice.

I’ve started with quick an easy images that give you the gist of your daily prompts. If you want some more info, check out the “breaking it down” section below.

New Years Resolution Plan

Starting a New Years Resolution (or any goal really, even if you aren’t a fan of the whole resolution thing) is tricky business. I’ve put together a 30 day challenge for December, so that you can be prepared to implement your goal come December.

Breaking it down

Day 1: Identify your goals

Right now we’re not going to focus on how overwhelming it is to have all of these goals. We’re just going to write them all down and do a brain dumb of sorts. Narrowing it down will come next. For now just list EVERYTHING you want to improve on.

Day 2: Prioritize your list

Now that we’ve identified our goals, let’s take a look at the 5 most important ones. Even looking at it this way could be a bit overwhelming. For me my top 5 goals are getting organized, eating better, working out more, growing my blog, and taking a deeper look at my mental health…. and my Goodreads goal, so I suppose that’s 6 things.

That’s STILL a lot. After you’ve identified your to top 5 are (or apparently 6), try to narrow it down. If this is hard, try imagining yourself succeeding in each one. Which seemed to give you the most joy? Another thing you can do is rate each goal on a scale from 1-10. If they are all ten it’s time to do some deep digging on what your priorities really are. For me, getting organized is actually going to help me in all the other areas, so that’s my top priority in my new years resolution.

Day 3: What is your why for this New Years resolution

Don’t worry about how your journal sounds. This is just for you. Take some time to figure out why you are going to be working your but off for this new years revolution or goal.

My “why” is being sick and tired of having the same things on my list every year and all the stress that comes with it. I’m tired of half a$$ing everything I do. My “why” can go on and on. There are so many benefits to getting my life together. What are yours?

Day 4: Make it happen

This is sort of a list of lists. All the things you need to do to plan for success. If your goal is to get your finances together it could be:

  • make a list of all my bills/debts, when they are do, and how much owed
  • come up with a budget
  • create a “want to buy” list
  • plan for retirement
  • learn more about budgeting
  • etc

Day 5: Purchase anything you need for your goal

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Just remember you aren’t shopping for the sake of shopping. This is simply to make sure you already have everything you need so that going shopping isn’t the reason you put off starting your goal.

If your new years resolution is food related and you cannot buy all your items now, make a list of what it is you need to get and don’t forget to do it later!

Day 6: Make a motivation plan

This takes a bit of research, but have a plan in place for when you are struggling with motivation. Have a list if your favorite youtubers or podcasts that you can listen to for a pick me up. Think about the things that motivate you, whether it’s a certain song or type of music, a cup of coffee or tea, a work out that energizes you.

Here are a few instagramers that always motivate me:

Day 7: Learn about your new years resolution

I love learning. If only I spent more time doing it. I love taking notes, learning new things, using cute pens and high lighters. It’s my idea of a good Friday night, ngl.

This is different than the prompt from yesterday. Yesterday was focused specifically on finding things that energize and motivate you. Today is simply about learning. Some good facts or statistics can go a long way in motivation (for instance if your goal is to create a better relationship with a loved one, studies show that physical touch can actually decrease pain when given electric shocks, specifically if you have a strong bond and connection with your love one… the power of human connection).

Day 8: What are you already doing well?

For instance, my goal is organization. I’m not great at this. There are, however, a few things I do well.

  1. I am good at making lists (not always great at referring to my lists)
  2. I have everything I need for planner organization
  3. I’m always trying find and implement new organization tips.

Day 9: How can you continue to grow the skills identified yesterday?

  1. I am good at lists: Notion has literally been a game changer for me. I’m great at making lists, but I find that I have 10 different lists in 10 different notebooks. I forget to look at my lists and then end up having to start over because half of the stuff is done. Or it looks ugly so I start over. Notion is a great way to organize all of these things. It’s easy to access both on phone and computer.
  2. Planner organization: On notion I have organized a Saturday reset which helps me with organization, identifying what needs done when, and what I need to plan out for the coming week. After I have that sorted I add it all to my planner.
  3. Find new organization tips: I swear I am not sponsored by notion. But one of the cool things about it is that you can have a section for things you’ve learned, routines, various other things. Instead of writing down new tips in a notebook and forgetting about it, I can review this page and update it as needed.

Day 10: Express gratitude as if you have already achieved your new years resolution

Journaling your gratitude for something you haven’t completed yet may seem silly, but it brings you to the experience of how you will feel when you do have it. It makes your “why” all the much stronger.

Day 11: What are potential barriers to success?

If we do not identify our barriers, how can we possibly plan ahead for them? This is an area where we have much more power than we realize. Sometimes it seems like the world is just against us. But identifying barriers gives a chance to have a plan in place and recognize that we have more power than we realize.

Day 12: How can you overcome some of these barriers

So, come up with your plan!

It helps to think of both external and internal barriers to reaching your new years resolution.

External barriers could be things such as waking up late, having an unexpected illness, some sort of family emergency, or simply one of those days where nothing seems to work out the way you hope.

Internal barriers are the things we tend to tell ourself. “I can’t do it”, “I will never succeed”, “I’ll do it tomorrow”

Day 13: Check something off on your “make it happen” list.

Nothing really to break down here. Hop to it!

Day 14: What are the positive and negative things you receive from not reaching your goal?

I’m going to put myself out there a bit to explain what I mean here.

There’s a reason we tend to engage in things that are bad for us or go against what we want. There’s something it is doing FOR us, even if we don’t want there to be.

For me being ditzy and disorganized is almost part of my identify. The classic “Oh, Amanda” comes up most times I see my friends. I think a lot of people come to find this trait endearing… When it’s not annoying the crap out of them. It’s a fine line really.

Because part of me views it as my identity, it’s hard to change. Who am I without being a little bit ditzy? That might sound silly, but there you go.

Another thing, if I am viewed as forgetful, I don’t really have to let anyone (or myself) down by trying very hard. If I don’t succeed, well… no one really expected me too anyway.

Day 15: What are more productive ways to meet this needs?

So if the need is not letting myself down, then the need must be feeling like I CAN do the things I want. Believing in myself.

This could mean therapy (because if it affects my ability to adulting, I’m sure it affects me in other areas). Or it can me journaling about my daily successes, re-evaluating my goals to see if they are realistic, celebrating the things I do well.

Please refer to the disclaimer: this blog post is not meant to be an alternative to therapy, but knowledge or a tool.

Day 16: What else can you add or achieve from your “make it happen” list?

Make another thing happen, friends!

Day 17: Come up with a new ritual for this new years resolution!

I feeling like having a weekly reset is becoming a thing. And I don’t hate it. This is a serious game changer for me. I will probably be doing a blog posts on this soon, so keep an eye out!

Regardless, come up with a ritual for your new goal. Will you drink some tea or coffee and light a candle while you engage in this activity? Come up with something.

Day 18: Practice time! Pretend like this is day one and give it a go. What worked? What didn’t?

Journal about it and make some tweaks to your plan.

Day 19: What fears do you have about this goal? How can you overcome them?

This may feel a little repetitive to other prompts. That’s okay. Do it anyway. Repetition can help set some new networks in the brain, which sets you up for success anyway.

Day 20: Self care plan

It is so, so, so important that we do things that rejuvenate our soul. There will be times where you make a mistake or things just don’t work out. That’s okay. Take a day for yourself and do something energizing to you.

Make a long list of self-care activities for when you are having a rough go of it.

If you’re looking for more on self care, check out some of my other blog posts on grounding and self care.

Day 21: Learn more

Learning is never a bad idea. Continue your book, find a new one. Whatevs.

Day 22: Find a support network

There are tons of ways to find support. This could be a facebook group, your favorite youtuber’s community (comment sections are a great place to find like minded people), friends, family. Literally any social media.

Day 23: Reach out to your support network

Now that you’ve identified some good people, talk to them about it. See if they are interested in being a support. Introduce yourself to the group.

Day 24: Come up with an accountability plan

Come up with an accountability plan. Are there a few people you can check in with weekly to discuss what went well and what didn’t? Anyone you can offer feedback to and get feedback in return.

Day 25: Buy something to motivate you

I love planner stickers and cute pens. It motivates me so much to have the right materials. No matter what your goal is, I’m sure there is something you can get that would make you want to continue working at it.

The idea here isn’t to spend $400 bucks on things you may not ever even use, but something what nourishes you and makes you want to continue.

Day 26: Expand upon your why by flooding yourself with what it will feel like when you succeed

What thoughts do you have now that you’ve done it? Where do you feel it in your body? What does it say about you that you can achieve this?

Day 27: Is your goal SMART

There are so many blog posts about smart goals that I really feel no need to expand upon. Just make sure your goal is specific, realistic, and measurable.

Day 28: Have a re-evaluation plan

This kind of fits in with yesterdays prompt. It doesn’t hurt to have a weekly check in with yourself to see what is working well and what could be improved.

Day 29: Create a reward system

Even if you don’t have a ton of money to by yourself a gift, you can still do something to reward yourself. Say kind things to yourself, give yourself a day off or a break. Engage in something you enjoy but never really give yourself time to do.

Day 30: Start a thought log

Identifying our thoughts and feelings is a really helpful way to change our behaviors. Look up some blog posts about CBT if you are interested in this.

Day 31: Engage in some self-care and double check that everything is ready to go

Tomorrow is the day! Make sure your organized and do something refreshing!


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