Creating my vision: What are my goals?

There are several goals I’ve had for a long time, when it comes to blogging, but I’ve never quite put them into practice. I’ve never allowed myself to believe it was possible that I could actually have some success with it.

When I finally did decide to put my all into it, life exploded and I had to take a break. So, here I am again, take 12, or whatever.

I figured that since I am already creating a plan for myself, that I could show all of you what I am working on and occasionally update on what worked, what didn’t, how long it took. One of my favorite influencers is Cathrin Manning. Even though she focuses a lot on youtube, I find her to be super motivational.

So here goes; here are my goals:

1. Start a community

I don’t just want an audience. I want to create a community. My goal is to create an environment that is supportive, a place to respond not only to my posts, but to each others comments. I want this to be a place for us to grow together. I hear it is possible to do that without a specific niche, that it would take longer… But it would be worth the wait.

2. Create relationships with other bloggers/instagramers

Part of being a community means supporting other people who are trying to grow as well. This could also be collaborating with other people who share similar content.

3. Work on my SEO

This is something I’m still learning about. I’ve been getting better (according to yoast SEO), but there’s always more to learn. At this point, it’s applying what I have researched to pinterest, instagram, and my blog.

I actually think it’s pretty amazing that my pinterest is getting as many impressions as it is, considering I haven’t really used it since like… May?

4. Build relationships with brands

Not that I expect to do anything with brands anytime soon. One step at a time. But building the relationship doesn’t hurt.

+ Long term goals

Ultimately, I would love to have more than just a blog. I don’t want to make blogging a full time career choice. But I would love to build up some streams of income. I have a crazy dream of creating mental health inserts for planners, mental health journals, maybe writing a book some day.

I feel like there are such mixed messages about mental health on the internet right now. Things are so black and white, there’s so much positive toxicity and various other messages that are not helpful in every situation. I’d like to help make the internet a safer place for people, if I can.

I haven’t quite figured it all out yet, but that’s not something I’m working on currently. If things work out the way I hope, then maybe I can expand my ideas here.


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