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Mental Health and Wellness

My name is Amanda! I am a counselor who focuses on sex addiction, trauma, and couples work.

My blog is in no way meant to be a replacement to therapy.

I do, however, want to spread awareness, provide some information, debunk some myths, and add a bit of personal development as well.

I think about things holistically, which means I do believe that many things go into emotional wellness. Happiness is determined by physical health, relationships, mindset, career, and spirituality.

Though I will mostly be posting about mental health, I’ll occasionally add a few things that are more indirectly about mental wellness as well.

My Story

Helping others has always been alluring to me.

Growing up I remember feeling stupid, wounded, and full of shame at my inability to cope with my emotions. I thought “I want to help others to not feel this way”

Granted, I didn’t know what kind of career would lead me there.

Eventually I found myself reading one of my mom’s psychiatric nursing books. I came to a realization. Counseling is what I wanted to do with my life.

When I finally graduated with my Masters degree I was so excited and inspired to do some good work. I was terrified, but willing to learn. Insecure, but ready to get out of my comfort zone. I had so much passion and eagerness. To say I was ready to go above and beyond is an understatement. But it was also the perfect recipe for disaster in the counseling field.

Burnout Is a Real Thing

You know what I think is actually kind of traumatic?

Working in the counseling field and realizing that I spent so much time, effort, energy *and nearly 200k in debt* just to work for a broken system where the most I was every going to make was $36,000 a year.

There is so much change needed in the mental health field (aka the world at large, really).

I found myself being run ragged trying to give my clients the care they deserved. That was my number one priority.

But when you work for a system that’s more focused on covering your ass and looking good on payer, good client care is the first thing to go.

And trust me, I made it my personal mission to make that never become my truth.

I promised myself if I ever got burned out, I would find a way to resolve it. And I did. I tried doing self-education, reframing things, ignoring the downers, surrounding myself by the few people who seemed to have their priorities in order.

Nothing worked.

It got to the point where I would cry at least 3 times a week the second I got in my car and out of the public eye. There were multiple times where I would feel so disgusted I was literally sick in the bathroom wondering if I was suffering a physical ailment.

I remember another counselor (who was chronically burned out) telling me that maybe I wasn’t fit for the field, if I couldn’t handle the unethical way things were run. (she didn’t use the word unethical, but whatever).

I almost went back to school for a different career

If I’m not helping people, then what was the point?

No matter what I did I wasn’t good enough in (most) of the managers eyes nor most of my clients eyes. What’s worse, I wasn’t good enough in my own eyes.

I was literally sick trying to live up to the unrealistic expectations and not having the time or energy to prepare for direct care.

Everything I did was checking a box off of the never ending to do list. That’s when I realized I had to leave.

And I consider myself one of the lucky ones.

Suddenly everything changed

I was in what I call a transition job, though still in the counseling field (something I thought I would do for a pay check while I went back to school) when I referred a client to my supervisor from grad school. She offered me a part time job at her private practice and I accepted.

I seriously feel like she saved my life.

I now work for her full time, have my LPC, and feel like I am thriving career wise. THe passion and excitement I once felt was back.

I want that to be everyone’s story. I want everyone in the field to find a job that feels like a safe space, rather than constantly treading water.

And I want to offer some help or tools to people who can’t afford to receive counseling from private practice.

As I said before, this blog is not an alternative to therapy. But perhaps it can add some tools or information. Perhaps this can be a safe place for people to talk about their experience. Maybe we could build a community here to help people feel less alone and more understood.


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